Electronics & Chemistry Trainer

As a trainer, I conducted workshops for kids belonging to the age group of 9 to 14 years. The goal of each series of workshops was to teach various concepts of the two subjects by the means of hands-on projects.

Throughout the six months as an intern at Science Utsav Institute, I organized and conducted four workshops which were 3 months long. Every weekend, my goal was to cover one concept from the syllabus by teaching its real-world practical application through experiments/projects. 

Soldering an entire circuit from scratch, seeing the LEDs glow, understanding and being able to make alarms, seeing a mixture change colors, creating a chemical volcano etc. inculcated excitement and curiosity in these young minds. Answering their doubts and questions made me think about these subjects in a way I had never thought before. It motivated me to learn more about every concept in depth. 

Through this experience, I learnt how to conduct a workshop, how to introduce and teach a concept to students and most importantly, taking the fact that every mind thinks differently and every person has a different background, into consideration while teaching.

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