Jay Yen
Robotics, Mechanical Engineering Student

Jay Yen

Driven Robotics Engineering Student
Organized and driven senior robotics and mechanical engineering student looking for a full time position. Fast learner highly skilled in teamwork and leadership.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Bachelor of Science Robotics Engineering
Worcester, MA, United States
August 2019 - Present (expected 2023)
Grade: 3.7

Minor in Spanish

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Worcester, MA, United States
August 2019 - Present (expected 2023)
Grade: 3.7

Project Experience

Major Qualifying Project, WPI, Otis Elevator Company, Worcester MA 

August 2022 – Present 

  • Prototype and test elevator rope sway monitoring system
  • Used Raspberry Pi and ROS to communicate between sensor and user interface
  • Evaluate possible sensor solutions with decision matrix

Metal FDM 3D Printer, WPI, Worcester MA  

August 2022 – Present 

  • Design and build FDM printer test platform for metal printing
  • Prototyped mixer for metal powder and resin
  • Performed material characterization experiments to determine specifications for 3D printer parts

Stirling Engine Model with Creo Parametric, WPI, Worcester, MA 

August 2022 – October 2022 

  • Created CAD models of Stirling engine parts in Creo Parametric
  • Assembled and animated Stirling engine
  • Performed kinematics and stress analyses on Stirling Engine model

Interdisciplinary Qualifying Project, WPI, Fundación Paraguaya, Cerrito PY 

March 2022 – May 2022 

  • Designed a low cost, easily accessible drip irrigation system for farmers in Paraguay
  • Performed research on project goal, present findings, and proposed methodologies in a paper
  • Implemented project by prototyping the system, created a video and pamphlet to communicate results
  • Presented a live demonstration of assembly process and gave presentation in agricultural school class.

Robotic SLAM, WPI, Worcester MA 

October 2021 – December 2021 

  • Programmed Turtlebot to perform simultaneous localization and mapping using ROS in team of two
  • Implemented breadth first search, depth first search and A* algorithm
  • Wrote Kalman and particle filter to correct robot error

Robotic Arm Kinematics, WPI, Worcester MA  

August 2021 – October 2021 

  • Calculated forward and inverse kinematics for an RRR robotic arm
  • Programmed robotic arm to successfully pick and place using MATLAB’s image processing toolbox in team of three

Software Engineering, WPI, Worcester MA 

March 2021 – May 2021 

  • Worked in a team of eleven to create an app to aid users in navigating a hospital and submitting requests
  • Organized tasks and the team following the Agile Scrum method
  • Used JavaFX and JFoenix and worked with a teammate specializing in databases to create Login, account management, and service request management, and language interpretation request functionalities
  • Created survey and analyzed results to help determine features to be created in the project
  • Managed documentation for team
  • Created images to enhance the project and team PowerPoint presentation

Bot on a Wire, WPI, Worcester MA 

August 2020 – March 2022 

  • Worked on a team to design and build robot to chase cormorants away from power lines
  • Modelled docking station and gimbal for robot using SOLIDWORKS
  • Evaluated compromises between design criteria to optimize gimbal size
  • Presented research to advisor and clients
  • Wrote REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) paper to communicate development process

Stress Analysis, WPI, Worcester MA 

October 2020 – December 2020 

  • Designed hypothetical American Ninja Warrior obstacle in team of five
  • Analyzed stresses created by human interaction with designed obstacle
  • Presented work with a paper and infographic created in Piktochart

Unified Robotics II, WPI, Worcester MA 

October 2020 – December 2020 

  • Collaborated in team of three to integrate infrared and ultrasonic sensors, accelerometer, encoders, and Romi 32U4 control board
  • Successfully programmed robot to autonomously complete obstacle course while carrying unfixed object
  • Presented work in paper format

Unified Robotics I, WPI, Worcester MA 

August 2020 – October 2020 

  • Designed, 3D modelled, printed, and tested robot linkage in team of 3 using Solidworks


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Prototyping Lab Assistant
Worcester, MA, United States
August, 2021 - Present
  • Advised dozens of students on 3D printing designs and laser cutter usage
  • Trained 50+ lab users to use 3D printers
  • Printed 100+ user prints and performed maintenance on Ultimaker 3 and Lulzbot Taz printers
Manufacturing Research & Development
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Advanced Rapid Prototyping Lab Assistant
Worcester, MA, United States
August, 2022 - Present
  • Maintain Objet Connex 260, Formlabs Form 2, and Stratasys Dimension 3D printers 
  • Slice, print and post-process customer parts 
Manufacturing Research & Development
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Engineering Ambassador
Worcester, MA, United States
August, 2020 - Present

Learn and apply leadership and presentation skills by creating and delivering STEM presentations with hands-on activities to elementary and middle school aged children 

Education (Primary/Secondary)


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