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Dated: May 15, 2020

StandoutVitae is a web-based platform that helps users showcase their talents and skills, pursue professional opportunities, and network with like-minded professionals. The platform provides web-based tools and services with which users can create and publish web pages and articles forming a personal website or e-portfolio. The tools and services also help users discover and connect with each other and be discovered by recruiters who can search for candidates on the platform.

Standout LLC (“us”, “we”, “our”, or “Standout”) operates

A cookie is a small piece of text that a website can place on your device. Websites use cookies to store some information on your device which they can later retrieve. This can include information that is critical to the functioning of the website, such as authentication status, information that enhances the user’s experience on the website, such as personal preferences or settings, or in some cases information that can violate a user’s privacy, such as tracking cookies.

Cookies will be placed on your device during your use of the StandoutVitae website and any related applications, and all content, tools, services and products available at or through the website or related mobile and non-mobile applications (collectively the “Service”). These will include our own cookies and may also include third party cookies.

This Cookie policy describes how these cookies are used, and how you can exercise a greater degree of control over them. This policy also applies to our use of other technologies that accomplish similar purposes, such as session storage in the browser. In this policy we refer to all of these technologies as “cookies”.

This Cookie Policy applies to users of the Service who have registered an account (“Members”) as well as users who do not have an account (“Visitors”).

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies to implement a variety of features and to monitor usage and derive metrics.


We use cookies to track the login status of Members and give them access to features that would not be available to a Visitor. Cookies help us keep Members logged in as they navigate between various pages and features of the Service. Cookies also help us remember Members, so that they do not have to log in every time they use the Service.


We use cookies to keep the Service secure. For instance, we use anti-forgery token cookies to prevent cross site request forgeries in which a malicious website attempts to impersonate a Member. We may also use cookies to help detect malicious activity, or activity that violates our Terms of Service.

Preferences and UI options

We sometimes store preferences and settings using cookies. For example, if we display a notification banner informing you of scheduled downtime, and you dismiss the notification, we use a cookie to record that action so that you no longer see that same notification on that device.

Metrics and third-party cookies

We may use cookies to learn how well the Service performs in different locations and to monitor site traffic and behavior flows of users. We may compile usage activity using cookies in order to improve the features and tools provided through the Service. We may also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

We use third party services to measure performance, gather metrics, and detect issues with our services. These third-party services currently include Azure Application Insights, Google Analytics, and Facebook Analytics, and we may use other similar services in the future. These services place third-party cookies on your device as part of their operations. Azure Application Insights and Google Analytics help us estimate out how many unique users were browsing our website at a given time, which pages drew the most traffic, what the average page load speed was, and other similar types of information and metrics which help us focus our development efforts and determine where the bottlenecks are. Facebook Analytics provides some similar metrics and helps us understand demographics, such as the gender and racial breakdown of Members and Visitors.

Cookie consent and cookie settings

Ironically, we also use cookies to store your consent to use cookies (if you are in the EU), as well as your cookie settings. For instance, if you opt out of certain cookies using our cookie settings page, we use a cookie to keep track of this, and prevent the cookies you opted out of from being placed on your device.


We may use cookies to show relevant advertising on the Service and to enable advertising with our third-party partners. Cookies may be used to customize the ad experience, including tailoring job and display ads to your field of study or employment, the pages you have looked at, the articles you have read, the individuals or groups you follow, and the job ads you have already seen. Cookies may be used to track whether you saw an ad on the Service and subsequently visited the site of the advertiser and performed some action on it (such as purchasing a product), or to show you ads based on whether you previously visited an advertiser’s site or application. Cookies may also be used to collect impressions and click data for product optimization or internal reporting.

We may also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, including offline advertising campaigns.

What information is collected on me via cookies?

In general, we collect most data from you via form submission by you (such as when you update your account profile or create or update pages of your portfolio). All data that should be considered personal is collected in this manner, and not via cookies.

Information collected using our own cookies

When we use our own cookies to store information about you, this information is limited to things like preferences, setting, or records of some events. So, for instance, if you dismiss a notification banner, we store some information in a cookie which tells our code to stop displaying that banner to you. As such, no personal or identifying information is being stored in these kinds of cookies.

Information collected using our own cookies travels back and forth between our servers and your devices and is not shared with third parties.

Information collected using Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies which are installed by the third-party services that we use could lead to personal data being collected about you by those third parties. The third-party services we use are Azure Application Insights, Google Analytics, and Facebook Analytics, all of which place cookies on your devices. These third-party cookies are transmitted between your device and the servers of the respective third party. We ourselves do not obtain any personal information from these third parties nor do we collect any information from the third-party cookies, and, where possible, we attempt to use the third-party services in a way that information provided to them remains anonymized.

In the case of Google Analytics (owned by Google), it is theoretically possible that Google could choose to associate your activity on the Service with any Google account(s) you may have. However, we attempt to only use those features of Google Analytics which, to our knowledge, do not require personal data, and which Google states it will not associate with your account as per their own privacy policy. On the other hand, in the case of Facebook Analytics we consider it likely that Facebook will choose to store any information they gather about your usage of our Service and associate it with your profile. We therefore allow you to opt out of Facebook Analytics cookies.

How can I restrict cookies?

We allow you to opt out of certain cookies on the cookie settings page. Please visit that page and uncheck any cookies you no longer wish to receive. Note that we will (ironically) set a cookie on your device to help us remember this setting.

It is also possible for you to use your browser settings to modify your cookie preferences. While options vary from browser to browser, you can generally choose to reject some or all cookies. We would not recommend rejecting all cookies, as this will greatly alter your experience with our service, and may limit certain features (including critical ones such as being able to log in as a Member and then navigate from page to page without needing to login on every single page).

Future changes to this policy

Our use of cookies and related technologies might change over time, and we reserve the right to update or change this cookie policy at any time. We will make reasonable efforts to keep this cookie policy up to date when material changes occur. We will post the updated version on this page ( ), therefore you should check this Cookie Policy page periodically and review and become familiar with any such modifications. If the changes are significant, we may notify you through the notification system built into the Service, or by emailing you, so that you may review the changes before you continue to use the Services. If you object to any changes, you may close your account. If you continue to use the Service after we publish or communicate a notice about any changes to this Cookie Policy, it will constitute your acknowledgement of the modifications and mean that you are consenting to the changed terms.

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