Community Guidelines

Dated: May 15, 2020

StandoutVitae is a web-based platform that helps users showcase their talents and skills, pursue professional opportunities, and network with like-minded professionals. The platform provides web-based tools and services with which users can create and publish web pages and articles forming a personal website or e-portfolio. The tools and services also help users discover and connect with each other and be discovered by recruiters who can search for candidates on the platform.

Standout LLC (“us”, “we”, “our”, or “Standout”) operates

We believe the following guidelines will help keep the content of site professional, keep the quality of the community high, and increase the success of all parties involved. These guidelines govern all use of the StandoutVitae website and any related applications, and all content, tools, services, and products available at or through the website or related mobile and non-mobile applications (collectively the “Service”).

These guidelines complement the terms you agree to in order to use the Service, which are listed in the Terms of Service, and we recommend taking a close look at the section titled “Responsibility of Contributors” in the Terms of Service.

Real name and profile picture. No misrepresentations.

The profile you create must be your own and have your own real name and profile picture. You must not misrepresent who you are, or your skills and qualifications. You may not create an account and profile for anyone else or publish or post content as someone other than yourself. Users that misleadingly appropriate the identity of another person are not permitted.

Publish your own content. Do not violate anyone’s intellectual property rights.

Do not plagiarize content from elsewhere or copy content from the profile of other users. If you quote or copy content from elsewhere, or your work or published content is inspired by another user of the Service, be sure to give them credit. Do not take credit for others’ work. Do not publish material you do not own the intellectual property rights to, without explicit permission from whoever owns those rights. It is our policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") as explained in our Terms of Service.

Do not user StandoutVitae’s logo, branding or trademark in a way that confuses other people. Do not claim that you work for us or are endorsed by us.

Do not post your phone number or email address. Be mindful of the privacy of others.

Please do not publish your phone number or email address on any page of your profile, or post it as a comment on an article, as these will be publicly visible. Even if you do not mind displaying these publicly, it goes against our Community Guidelines and our Terms of Service. We reserve the right to edit or remove such content and suspend or ban your account. Do not share your phone number of email address using the platform’s messaging system with any recruiter who does not have a clearly marked Recruiter account.

You are also not permitted to post other people’s phone numbers or email addresses (unless these have already been made publicly available by them), and you may not post any other personally identifying or confidential information about anyone either, including but not limited to physical addresses, credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, and driver's license numbers, and other license numbers.

Do not promote or sell products or services. Do not try to sell your account.

Content you publish or post should showcase your knowledge, skills, and qualifications. You may not publish or post content with the goal of advertising or selling any products or services.

Do not send unsolicited commercial messages to other users.

Users whose primary purpose on the Service is to generate affiliate traffic to other websites or businesses will have their accounts suspended and/or banned.

Do not sell your account or transfer it for compensation.

Do not spam or harass our members

Please do not misuse the tools that make it possible for users to interact with each other. Do not use the messaging system to spam other users. Do not send connection requests to other users solely to increase the number of connections you have; only connect with users you would like to network with due to shared professional or personal interests. Do not post repetitive and unwanted comments. Do not follow users, like comments, or post links to your own profile in comments, for the sole purpose of drawing attention to your profile; instead like articles and comments because they provided some useful knowledge or meaningful insight, and post comments to ask a genuine question or contribute meaningfully to the discussion.

Be civil and constructive in comments

Be thoughtful when posting comments. If you disagree with an article or comment, please do not be rude or insulting; instead, engage in constructive criticism and provide helpful feedback. Being rude and antagonistic is not conducive to a healthy discussion; it hurts the parties involved and hurts the community as a whole.

Do not post inappropriate, hateful, or libelous content

Please do not post content that is illegal, pornographic, or gratuitously sexual, racist, sexist, shockingly graphic, grotesque, obscene, inflammatory, or otherwise offensive. Posting such material will violate our Terms of Service and might result in your account being banned. We have the final say in what constitutes appropriate content and what does not.

Do not post content that is defamatory or libelous. While we cannot be the judge of what is defamatory without access to all the facts, and the allegation of defamation alone is not evidence of it, we reserve the right to remove statements we have reason to believe are defamatory, or if a court orders us to remove them.

Do not publish content that promotes prostitution or escort services. If you are or have been involved with prostitution or escort services, you may not create an account with the goal of sharing this information, even if such services are legal where you live. If you do create an account, your profile must exclude any references to such activities, and your published content should focus on your other skills, talents, and qualifications, or any other knowledge that you wish to contribute to the community.

No automated or scripted behavior or mass registrations

Automated or scripted process, such as bulk or automated following of users, bulk or automated sending of connection requests, scripted likes, scripted commenting on projects, etc., undermine the authenticity of our community. Such activities are not permitted, and your account will be suspended or banned for such behavior. Offering compensation in return for likes, follows, or positive comments is also not permitted. Accounts that are registered automatically or systematically will be removed and access will be terminated.


Do not share your password. Do not let anyone access your account or do anything that might put your account at risk.

Do not access or tamper with our systems or our technical providers’ systems. Do not break or circumvent our security measures or test the vulnerability of our systems or networks. Do not use any undocumented or unsupported method to access, search, scrape, download or alter any part of the Service.

Do not attempt to disrupt our operations or release viruses or exploits onto our platform. Do not attempt to reverse engineer our software.

Recruiters must use a Recruiter account

If you are a recruiter and intend to use the Service to search for candidates, you must inform us of this, and register a Recruiter account if this feature is available. If you do not, you are not permitted to request contact information from Members, nor may you share your contact information with Members. Doing so may lead to suspension or banning of your account.

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