What is StandoutVitae?

StandoutVitae is a web-based platform that helps you showcase your knowledge and skills and helps you put your best foot forward on the internet. Think of it as a personal website builder or an e-portfolio builder, but one that is part of a professional network. You can use it to convey information about yourself that does not lend itself to the traditional resume format and in a format that is easy to share with others. At the same time, you can discover content created by others in your field and connect or potentially collaborate with them.

Why do you need a professional online presence?

Jobs - When you apply for a job, recruiters and hiring managers often look you up online. Future team-members will often look you up as well. It is therefore vitally important for you to present a curated and professional version of yourself on the internet, one that showcases your skills and complements your resume, to make a great first impression.
Collaboration & Networking - The same reasoning applies to organic discovery as well. If you have expertise in a certain area, and share useful information or knowledge online, professionals in your field are likely to discover it through a Google search. This leads to opportunities for collaboration and networking.
Sharing Content - Some things cannot be displayed on a resume but are well suited to the online medium. For instance it is an ideal way for an engineer or architect to share CAD renderings, or for a journalist or writer to share writing samples, or for a lawyer to share case briefs, or for a research to describe experiments and share papers.

Whether you want to broadcast information or highlight your skills, a personal portfolio website is a good way to achieve your goals.

What is the benefit of the network?

Discover People - Social and professional networks help with content discovery, sharing, and communication. You may discover other individuals who are in a similar field as you and will have the opportunity to connect with them or follow their work.
Interact With Other Professionals - If you publish interesting articles, or write tutorials, or provide advice, other members can comment on and discuss these with you. You can also chat with other members in private using the messaging tools.
Employment Opportunities - Recruiters and headhunters go where the pool of talent is. Being in the network helps them find you.

You would miss out on these benefits with a standalone website.

Why StandoutVitae?

There are many website-builders and portfolio hosting solutions out there. Here are the advantages offered by StandoutVitae:

Focus on content - The focus of StandoutVitae is on content. While other website-builders put emphasis on the design, making you choose from hundreds or thousands of templates and tweak them, StandoutVitae keeps things simple by standardizing the page design and layout. Content is input using a simple text-editor with a small set of tools that help you get the job done quickly and easily. Everything is controlled from a single location (your Dashboard).
Optimized for search engines - The StandoutVitae platform automatically optimizes your pages for search engines. This happens in the background without requiring any effort from you. The goal is to push you further up in the search results when people Google your name.
Professional network - StandoutVitae doubles as a professional network, unlike other website-builders which are standalone. Since everything you create on StandoutVitae is part of the network, you increase your opportunities for collaboration with other professionals and the chances of being discovered by potential employers.
Cost - StandoutVitae is free

StandoutVitae is powerful, easy to use, and free. So, what are you waiting for?

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