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A series of articles and videos for beginners to learn Abaqus FEA.

Abaqus is one of the most popular finite element analysis software packages. It is a very powerful tool but it is not very easy for beginners to use, and it is difficult to learn how to use the software from the documentation. If you are new Abaqus this tutorial series will help you get started. 

In these tutorials I assume that you have no prior Abaqus experience. It may be useful for you to have an Abaqus license so that you can follow along; I've written another article with instructions on how to download the Abaqus Student Edition. 

Most of the videos you see here were originally created to accompany my book Python Scripts for Abaqus (which can be found here) and were later enhanced at various points in time, including during my time at Simulia. 

Each video covers a variety of topics. For instance, the tutorial on the static analysis of a truss not only covers using truss elements but also demonstrates how to do an overlay of deformed and undeformed states as part of the example. Therefore I would recommend watching these videos in sequence, particularly if you have no prior experience with Abaqus. If you are looking for a particular topic then please refer to the "New Topics Covered" section of each tutorial page to get an idea of what is covered in that video.

Note that the production and sound quality of the tutorials improves as you go along; initially I was new to video editing (and also had a very cheap microphone) but I got better at it over time.

This is the first article of the series.
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