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Your Professional Online Presence

StandoutVitae is a platform that helps you showcase your knowledge and skills, and show (rather than tell) what sets you apart. Think of it as a personal website builder, or an e-portfolio platform, or as a self-branding tool, depending on your needs.

It also doubles as a professional network; everything you create becomes part of the network, and members can discover, connect, follow, share content with, and communicate with each other, opening new opportunities for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and employment.

In summary, StandoutVitae provides you with the tools to create a professional online presence for yourself while leveraging the benefits inherent to a social network.

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No coding required

Creating new pages is as easy as clicking a button and typing your content. We standardize the design, so you do not have to choose from thousands of templates. You can view, configure and manage all your pages from one single location.

Rich content tools

Our content creation tools are similar to the text editors you work with every day. You can type text, change fonts and colors, and insert images and media with a few clicks, just as you would in Microsoft Word.

High Visibility

Pages you create are publicly visible, and anyone can view them without needing to create a StandoutVitae account themselves. You can link to your StandoutVitae profile in your email signature, resume, and business cards. Our code optimizes your information for search engines like Google in order to push you up in search engine listings.

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